Muscle Relief: Nutrition and Training

Everyone understands that 100 kilograms of live weight can look different. If you put next to the “reference” Schwarzenegger (whose weight in the competition was just a little more than a centner) and a person who has never engaged in physical activity, but has the same weight (“thanks” to subcutaneous fat). Naturally, outwardly the second option does not look very good – because the figure on the scales is not the main criterion in assessing the appearance. In this regard, everyone pays attention to muscle relief – the problems of gaining which we will now consider.

Muscle relief

What do they mean when they talk about “muscle relief”
A beginner may not understand what exactly will be discussed. In this article we will analyze one of the two (probably) the most important issues of bodybuilding – gaining relief (another is mass gain).

The muscle corset that covers our skeleton under the skin has a certain shape. If the percentage of subcutaneous fat exceeds acceptable standards – the muscles are hidden under its layer. That is, in fact, working on the relief of muscles means burning excess fat and drawing muscle groups – the same press, for example.

Point one – body type

If you have already begun familiarizing yourself with the theoretical foundations of “iron” sports, you should know that according to the widely used Sheldon system, there are 3 types. Each of them, accordingly, has its own nuances during physical exertion and reacts differently to them. The same is true when it comes to terrain training. This point, unfortunately, is not amenable to change, and here everything depends only on how nature ordered it.

The first type is ectomorph. Usually high growth, long but thin bones, a small amount of subcutaneous fat and a lack of tendency to accumulate it, a low level of physical strength, and a complex and lengthy weight gain. It is very easy for people belonging to this type to solve the problem of how to achieve muscle relief (usually they stand out clearly even without training and do not require special diets), but they have another acute problem – how to make these muscles grow. With enhanced training, usually a separate work on the terrain is not required – the musculature is immediately “dry” and does not need to be adjusted.

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The second type is endomorph. In fact – the exact opposite of the previous paragraph. Usually low growth, a tendency to accumulation of subcutaneous fat and difficulty in getting rid of it, relatively quick weight gain. It will be very, very difficult for people of this type to achieve “dry” muscles – only a tough program and diet for muscle relief will allow you to cope with the task. And be prepared for the fact that as soon as you stop adhering to the required regimen – the muscles very quickly disappear again.

The third type is mesomorph. As in terms of gaining muscle mass, and in terms of working for relief – this type is the most successful. Physical strength, the lack of a tendency to accumulate fat and a high rate of burning it, a powerful skeleton and broad shoulders, rapid growth of muscle mass are all that every bodybuilder needs. If you are lucky, and your body belongs to this particular type – training on the relief of the muscles, most likely, will not be needed – since it will already be of high enough quality.

Now we can summarize: only endomorphs will need serious work on the relief – this is the most complex type. Ectomorphs and mesomorphs practically do not experience problems – the muscle that is building up is already properly allocated. If not, a small diet and changing the program will very quickly and very simply solve the problem.

Point Two – Diet and Nutrition

If we discuss nutrition for muscle relief, we can distinguish the main postulate: less carbohydrates (especially fast ones) and fat. Their number should only cover the daily requirement, but not exceed it. Pay attention to complex carbohydrates and vegetable fats – they are not so harmful to the figure, but at the same time allow the body to work in the right mode.

It is impossible to completely limit yourself in fats and carbohydrates! The main sources of energy (not to mention other functions), they are vital for us every day, and even more so – during physical training. If you even lower your carbohydrate intake for one day, go to the gym and try to work as usual – almost instantly feel weak, and it will be very, very difficult to cope with your usual weight.

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Another caveat: eat better often, but less. Teach yourself to satisfy your hunger with small snacks. You can stock up on food (and even need it!) For work or even for training – with a diet, you will probably feel some weakness, which will only increase the feeling of hunger – therefore, you should immediately get rid of it.

Point Three – Training

This and the previous paragraphs are the most important.

Naturally, the program for muscle relief and the program for building them will be different. These differences are as follows:

  1. When working on terrain, it is necessary to “dilute” the base with insulating exercises.
  2. Working weights will have to be reduced – maximum weights are good for gaining, but not for drying. You can reduce weight a lot – here the number and speed of repetitions plays a big role.
  3. But the number and speed of repetitions should be significantly increased. Performing exercises for muscle relief, it is best to do more repetitions – 10-20, and at an accelerated pace. But at the same time, do not forget about the technique: each movement should be clear and of high quality. As a result, the muscles should “burn”.
  4. It’s recommended that you forget about rest altogether – it’s best if your training program for muscle relief turns out to be circular, that is, all exercises would be performed without interruption, one after another. This is very good for crossfit – try replacing regular workouts with “iron” for such activities. With a competent approach and proper execution, they are much more effective for “drying”.
  5. If possible, the number of workouts is also recommended to be increased: the more often you work on yourself, the faster you will notice the result. How much to increase depends on you and on the amount of your free time. If it is impossible to attend the gym, you can supplement the program with activities at home – separately muscle relief at home is more difficult to obtain, but as an addition to the main loads it is very effective.

Point Four – Cardio

A treadmill, an exercise bike and an orbitrek (as well as any other type of cardio – from running in the stadium to martial arts training) – these are the main assistants to an athlete who wants to achieve relief. Regular and frequent, they effectively drive off the excess, leaving “dry” muscles.

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By the way, this applies to absolutely all muscle groups – for example, if you want to work out the relief of the pectoral muscles or such problematic muscles of the press, you should not be zealous or twist: exhausting running or riding a bicycle / exercise bike will solve the problem more efficiently and faster. And no matter how strange it may sound, the question of how to give relief to the pectoral muscles very often has just this answer: cardio – more often, faster and longer.

Point Five – Final – Sportspit

This item will be relevant for endomorphs, who most of all have difficulty with relief (ectomorphs and mesomorphs usually have enough diet and frequent training).

If we consider sports nutrition for muscle relief, you should first pay attention to supplements containing L-carnitine. However, they are not a panacea – you will have to train no less, the fat itself will not go anywhere. There are a lot of names of such drugs, from several manufacturers (the cost depends on this, first of all). Their intake should ideally be combined with a diet – only then the question of how to make the relief of the muscles can be solved really quickly.

There are more serious options that should be sought already in pharmacies. The most popular are Clenbuterol and ECA. The first drug is a cough pill, and the second is an abbreviation. It stands for Ephedrine, Caffeine (sodium benzoate) and Aspirin. This combination has a much stronger effect on the body and is really a drug tested by many athletes. If you are interested in how to give the muscles a relief, but just diet and exercise do not help, it is possible that this method will be more effective and efficient.