How to make your shoulders wide

One of the main “components” of the beauty of the male body is not only a V-shaped figure or “cubes” on the stomach. Powerful and broad shoulders are an equally important achievement that many athletes dream of. This advantage is noticeable even under a layer of winter clothes – if any jacket will hide your swollen arms or chest, then wide shoulders are unlikely. So the question of broad shoulders is always relevant for many men who are actively involved in “iron” sports.

How to make your shoulders wider

A bit of anatomy

Some lucky ones were lucky by nature – without any effort and intensive training, they have, as they say, oblique fathoms in their shoulders. However, nature does not make such gifts too often, and most men at a young age (and it is precisely then that you want to look beautiful and powerful) have narrow shoulders.

The answer to the question of how to make the shoulders wider does not always mean enormous amounts of work with iron. Often the problem lies not in the underdeveloped shoulder girdle or narrow skeleton, but in the stooped posture. To do this, it’s enough just to carefully examine yourself in the mirror (or rather, visit an orthopedic consultation) and evaluate how correct the position of your shoulders is. Many young people (in particular this concerns the emotionally modest and calm, as well as too tall guys who are shy of their growth) are slouching, and naturally, this visually narrows the shoulders, not to mention the harm to the spine.

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However, if you play sports – most likely that you are not familiar with posture problems. And therefore, we will pay attention in detail to exactly how to make broad shoulders with the help of exercises and working with “iron”.

Surely an athlete who is at least a little versed in the anatomy of muscle groups understands that deltoid muscles (primarily their middle bundle) are most responsible for the width of the shoulder girdle. However, this does not mean at all that this group should be accentuated now – several more muscle groups are responsible for the visual width of your figure when viewed from the front. These are trapezoids and “wings”. Developed and powerful, in combination with pumped up deltoids, they create an impressive impression.

Who is relevant?

Focused work on shoulder width is relevant, first of all, for people with an ectomorphic body type (according to the Sheldon system). The main features of such a constitution of the body are long limbs, a low level of physical strength and endurance, high growth, thinness, narrow bones, a small percentage of subcutaneous fat and a lack of tendency to accumulate it, and narrow shoulders. If two other types (mesomorph and endomorph) even without sports have an outwardly wide shoulder girdle and do not need additional measures to increase it, then for ectomorph muscle building is a much more complicated task. Therefore, if you are of this type, be sure to pay attention to the exercises described below.

The main and most effective exercises. How to make your shoulders wider

There is no ideal exercise that will help you quickly and effectively solve a similar problem. The extension of the shoulder girdle requires the implementation of a whole training complex and its regular changes. With the right approach (good nutrition, relaxation, sports supplements) and intensive training, the results will be noticeable very quickly – the “deltas” respond perfectly to regular physical activity. Therefore, if you are interested in how to make your shoulders wider, just follow the indicated tips.

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List of the main exercises that load deltoids best (and in particular their average bunch):

  1. Bench up (sitting or standing – it doesn’t matter). It is best if the exercise is performed with a wide grip (if using a barbell) or along the maximum possible path (if using dumbbells). For home workouts, an alternative is handstand push-ups (best done standing against a wall).
  2. The layout (mahi) of the dumbbells to the sides (sitting or standing is not important). It is not necessary to use maximum weights, the main thing is an ideal technique. Alternatively, the exercise can be performed in a special simulator or in a crossover.
  3. “Broach” (pull rod / weight to the chin while standing). With a grip along the width of the shoulders, the load is accentuated on medium beams.
  4. Swing dumbbells forward. First of all, the front beams are involved, however, the middle ones are also loaded quite qualitatively. It is possible to increase the load on them if, when moving the arm up, raise the elbow, partially turning it outward.
  5. Breeding dumbbells in an incline (the rear beam is activated).

List of additional exercises during which other muscle groups work (chest, back, trapeze), affecting the width of the shoulders:

  • Pull-ups with a wide grip on the head and identical movement in the block simulator.
  • Shrugs.
  • T-bar pull.

If the goal of your training is to build up powerful deltoids, it is recommended to create a software package that primarily contains these exercises. Ideally, train your shoulders more than 1 time per week by doing different exercises.

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