How to build muscle quickly

In search engines, the query “how to quickly build muscle” has several hundred thousand answers – this topic is popular among millions of men around the world. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity are sleeping and see themselves as a muscular and toned athlete, and many of us are ready to do a lot to make this dream a reality. However, this task is very, very difficult: unfortunately, without proper efforts you will not budge – so be prepared for serious trials if you really want to look at yourself in the mirror with pride.

How to build muscle quickly

How fast can you build muscle?

Unfortunately, the progress in building muscle mass will not last for weeks. In the best case, a noticeable result can be obtained in six months or a year – and then this is far from possible for everyone. Be prepared that after a couple of workouts your muscles will not increase in size – this, for some reason, is expected by many beginners. By the way, a significant part of them, not noticing rapid progress, cools down and stops attending training.

What affects muscle growth rate: individual characteristics of the body

First of all, you should mention the individual characteristics of your body. You can thoroughly study how you can quickly build muscle, work diligently and regularly, observe the regimen, but progress will still not be as fast as your friend doing exactly the same. Unfortunately, this factor does not depend on us. This may include items such as …

Genetic predisposition

We inherit many physical parameters from our parents. The susceptibility of fibers to stress, the work of the cardiovascular system, the presence / absence of congenital malformations and diseases, the presence / absence of excess weight and a predisposition to its weight are just some of the factors that we receive at birth and which are very, very difficult (almost unrealistic) change – unfortunately. That is why one athlete will worry about how to quickly build muscle and exert a lot of effort, and the other will simply engage in a regular rhythm on a regular basis, but have significant progress. Of course, this is not fair, and it is not very pleasant to realize this fact.

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But even if nature has not endowed you with a predisposition to gaining muscle mass from birth, you should not despair and throw training. Regular classes will still give results – albeit not so fast, and even not as you would like ideally – but you will still become bigger and stronger.

Now, by the way, some medical centers can perform special tests that determine a person’s disposition to sports. Such studies are carried out using genetic examination, and they are not too cheap.

Body type (according to Sheldon’s classification)
Anyone who is even a little interested in the concomitant theory probably already knows that there are three types of physique (according to a common system). Of these, the easiest way to deal with the rapid mass gain is a mesomorph. Endomorph will not progress much more slowly – however, this type is notable for gaining not “clean” muscle mass, but also a considerable amount of subcutaneous fat, which then has to be driven off.

Ectomorph closes statistics – having high growth, thin bones and long muscle fibers, such athletes are the most difficult to gain kilograms. On the other hand – they practically do not know problems with excess weight.

Again, this type cannot be changed – if you are an ectomorph from birth, you won’t become an endomorph.


Naturally, young men are much easier to look beautiful than adult men who have crossed the thirty-year mark. Everything rests on a number of factors:

  • the presence of a large amount of free time;
  • higher natural testosterone levels;
  • fewer problems and worries (as a result – a more stable emotional background, which is also important);
  • fewer (or none at all) diseases and health problems;
  • more supply of “energy”;
  • faster metabolism;
  • better performance of the cardiovascular system.

The list of factors is not complete – if desired, one more item could be added to it. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to build muscle quickly can often also depend on age: the older you are, the more difficult it is to cope with the task.

What affects muscle growth rate: regimen, nutrition and training

In addition to your predisposition to strength training, a big influence on the question of how to build muscle in your body quickly also affects your lifestyle. This factor can be divided into several points:

  • Relaxation.
  • Nutrition.
  • Consumption of sports supplements.
  • Number and quality of training.
  • Emotional condition.
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And although each of the items listed has been repeatedly considered, just in case, briefly briefly remind readers of their importance.


Muscle volume does not increase at all in the gym when you press the barbell. Muscle grows precisely during rest – and therefore its quantity should be sufficient. On average, an active athlete needs at least 24 hours to recover each muscle group (preferably a little more). That is, if you are interested in how to quickly pump up the pectoral muscles or how to quickly pump up the back muscles, you should plan your workouts so that these muscle groups are loaded every other day.


Without the required substances (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), one cannot even dream of any muscle growth – therefore, their consumption should be sufficient. Therefore, before you learn how to build muscle as quickly as possible, take the time to study the issue of proper nutrition. Intensive training can simply exhaust your body, without giving a result – if you eat anything, so you can not ignore this item in any case.

Sports supplement intake

If it is about how to build muscle very quickly, you can’t do without sports supplements. You’ll have to include at least supplements in your diet such as protein (to get enough protein) and creatine (to get enough energy for training). These two supplements (if you don’t have enough money, it’s better to stay on creatine), taken at the indicated dosage, can give a very, very serious result, significantly accelerating progress and allowing you to train better and longer. At the same time, their prices are relatively low (when compared with more serious drugs).

If you have enough funds, you can try a more serious course with the use of anabolic drugs. If you are interested in how to quickly pump up the pectoral muscles or how to quickly pump up the muscles of the buttocks or other muscle groups, such a solution can help to cope as quickly as possible. However, knowledge for this requires much more – the wrong “exit” from the course can lead to the fact that part (or even all) of the gained kilograms will leave, and you will return to where you started. And to make a mistake with the choice of the drug can also be very simple – a fake (of which there are many on the market) can easily lead to health problems. So it’s better not to experiment if you don’t have enough experience.

Number and quality of training

Athletes participating in competitions do not train at all 3 times a week – for current champions, daily work in the gym is the norm. And some even do 2 workouts per day.

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Naturally, not everyone can afford such a luxury – after all, you also need to work and study. But remember: if you are really interested in how to quickly build up your chest muscles, how to quickly build up your arm muscles or any other muscle group, you need to do it as often as possible. If you do not have time to visit the gym, you can supplement your three-time workouts with homework – a minimum set of shells and half an hour (at least) can make good progress. No wonder the question of how to build muscle at home quickly is also quite popular, and now many methods and effective ways to achieve mass growth have been developed – even without visiting the gym.

The same goes for the quality of the workouts. A well-thought-out program is one of the main pillars of progress. It is very important to independently compose a complex based on existing conditions and your own characteristics. At the same time, it must be periodically (approximately every few months) changed to prevent the muscles from getting used to it.

Emotional condition

The quality of training depends on your mood: with frequent problems and stresses, you can hardly seriously think about how to quickly build up your leg muscles or how to quickly build up your abs. So try to avoid difficult situations that can ruin your mood.