Basic ring exercises

Gymnastic rings are a less common apparatus than a horizontal bar or bars, but the “range” of exercises that can be performed on them is quite serious. If you train in a gym where there are rings – you have a great opportunity to diversify your workouts. This applies to both strength exercises and all kinds of gymnastic tricks. Often, athletes ignore this projectile, paying attention only to the usual simulators. Now we will consider what can be done if there are rings in your gym or on the sports ground.

What can be done?

In this article we will not pay attention to gymnastic tricks that are performed on the rings – their number is too large, but basically they are performed only by athletes who do gymnastics. We will consider strength exercises on the rings – which will increase your physical characteristics and build muscle.

So, the list is something like this:

  • Pullups
  • Push ups.
  • Exits by force.
  • Static exercises.
  • Exercises for the abs.

At the same time, they can be performed with various grip options. If the bars and the horizontal bar are frame structures, motionless, then the rings can be rotated as you like, even during the exercise. This allows you to load muscle groups much better and more diverse.

Rings can also be used for warming up. For example, you can just hang on them

What works?

Based on the list above, it is possible to understand which muscle groups are loaded. Just in case, we’ll clarify:

  • Back.
  • Chest.
  • Body stabilizers.
  • Triceps.
  • Biceps
  • Shoulders.
  • Press.
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The main advantage that distinguishes exercises on gymnastic rings from exercises on a horizontal bar and bars is a significant load on the stabilizers. If you just try to catch up on the rings, you will immediately understand what is at stake: after a stationary horizontal bar, this task may seem much more complicated – however, this is useful.

Home Training Rings

If space allows you – you can hang rings in your own apartment. In this case, however, the list of exercises will decrease significantly – due to the fact that they cannot be suspended at a sufficient height.

To do this is relatively simple: you need to install a horizontal bar at home (it does not matter exactly how it is mounted on the Swedish wall, or mounted in the apartment wall), and attach rings to it. They can be purchased at the sporting goods store – both in normal and virtual.

As an option – the rings can be hung on your own plot in the country (by attaching, for example, to a tree branch).

Be careful!

Beginners should remember that the rings are unstable, and can both swing and rotate around their own axis. Therefore, you should proceed to training carefully and carefully, and begin to master the gymnastic apparatus gradually, from simple exercises to more complex ones.

To start training, the rings should be mounted at such a height that you can get them without jumping, climbing on your toes.

Where to begin?

If you decide to try to work on gymnastic rings – you should start with the simplest and easiest exercises, a short list of which we will now make:

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You can pull up on the rings in different ways, changing the distance between them and the rotation of the brushes. Be prepared for the fact that, compared with pull-ups on the horizontal bar, on the rings it will be much more difficult to cope with this simple exercise.

The same shell can be used in another way: we lower the rings lower, lie under them on the floor (on the back), and begin to carry out traction, lifting our own body up. In this exercise, the load on muscle groups can be varied by changing the position of the body and arms. For example:

  • the classical pull “towards the chest” is performed: the angle between the arms and the body is straight (the movement is the same as with an ordinary bench press, only you do not squeeze the weight, but rather pull your own body up);
  • the same exercise, performed with a wide grip;
  • pulling up to the belt, wide grip, elbows are parted apart from the body;
  • pulls to the belt, with a narrow grip, elbows are pressed to the body.

Push ups

There are two ways to do push-ups on the rings:

  • as on the uneven bars;
  • dropping the rings below, and using them as a palm rest.

The second option is good in that it will allow you to stretch your chest more widely, and at the same time include body stabilizers. In this case, you can do push-ups both in the classical way (i.e. face down), and perform reverse push-ups.

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Press Exercises

It’s quite simple to work out the press on the rings: we hang on them and perform leg lifts (bent or straight).

You can complicate the task if you perform leg lifts above a right angle. As an even more difficult option – you can perform the same exercise from the emphasis on straight arms.


Probably, it is necessary to perform exercises on the rings for beginners precisely from statics – in order to get used to their mobility. The simplest example is the emphasis on straight arms (or power emphasis). This exercise will allow the stabilizing muscles to get used to the need for constant support of the body in a certain position. Do not be surprised if you initially cannot manage to hold still and you shake – this means that your stabilizers are not strong enough.